Insurance Reconciliation & Risk Management

At McCarthy Wilson, we utilize our litigation experience and legal knowledge to customize programs and seminars that assist clients in avoiding personal injury, workers’ compensation, or other claims, which ultimately reduce the costs associated with litigation. McCarthy Wilson also regularly provides a large variety of insurance or other legal opinion services including insurance coverage and underwriting procedures. Attorneys at McCarthy Wilson are often requested to testify in front of State Legislatures concerning issues that affect our clientele.


When the unexpected or unavoidable does occur, McCarthy Wilson attorneys are equipped with the experience and expertise to begin the litigation process immediately. We will not only thoroughly investigate and assess liability in all sizes of losses to protect our clients, but we will also secure and mitigate damages to the greatest extent possible. This includes responding to fire scenes to preserve evidence and provide immediate legal advice, or any other service that requires swift and thoughtful action.


At McCarthy Wilson we analyze every aspect of a client’s business and risk history in order to devise strategies that will limit or mitigate their exposure.



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