Appellate Practice

Appellate work is an integral part of the firm's litigation practice. McCarthy Wilson's appellate practice group has substantial experience handling appeals before state and federal courts, including Maryland's Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal. Our attorneys specialize in being well prepared to handle all aspects of appeals and ably represent their clients during the various stages of the appellate process. The appellate practice group handles appeals as of right, as well as discretionary appeals in which our attorneys are experts in preparing petitions for writs of certiorari, as well as answers thereto. The appellate practice group has experience litigating a wide variety of issues on appeal, including insurance coverage, personal injury, toxic tort, products liability, employment law, environmental torts, procedural challenges, and administrative proceedings. Our attorneys have frequently established new and significant law.

Our appellate practice group is prepared to take over the handling of cases once they reach the appeals stage, as well as to handle appeals in cases that are already being litigated by the firm. Before taking on a case at the appellate level, our attorneys will review the trial or administrative record and provide an opinion as to the chances for a successful appeal. Throughout the course of the appeal, our experienced appellate attorneys advise clients by identifying, developing, and arguing potentially dispositive legal issues, as well as explaining the broader effects that a determination of those issues will have on their business.

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